Microsoft Teams phone system

Retrac offers a Cloud-based Phone System solution through Microsoft Teams. With the Teams phone system now available, our customers can connect their phone lines and ditch the old system altogether.  

Microsoft Teams offers all the functionality of a traditional phone system. Take calls for reception, transfer between staff, use hold and conference facilities. The intelligent communication system allows your staff to take calls anywhere and from any device.  

It’s delivered on a per user, per month basis and includes: 

  • All calls within Australia (excluding special numbers) 
  • Daytime, business hours support for each user, for up to 3 devices based in Australia. 
  • Training and Installation 
  • Careful planning of Phone System features including  
    • Call Queues 
    • Music on Hold 
    • Auto Attendants 
    • Call Pickup Groups 
    • And More 

benefits Retrac will help you to realise

Retrac’s Microsoft Teams telephony is integrated, powerful and flexible. Other benefits include:

Fast implementation

Switch to Cloud telephony within a few days. Simply connect and we will do the rest!

Take advantage of a full suite of features

Our Cloud phone system includes chat, video, conferencing, meetings and mobile communications. 

Engage with external businesses with ease

Collaborate with suppliers, customers and stakeholders with ease thanks to Microsoft Teams’ ease of use and accessibility.

Integrate your telephony with your Microsoft 365 platform

Include your telephony as part of your Microsoft workplace, for a more dynamic, intuitive and mobile solution.

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