Financial planning firm lifts customer service with cloud transition

CCA Financial Planning knew they wanted to move to the cloud. Once industry software aligned, all they needed was the right IT partner. They didn’t have to look further than their 20 year relationship with Retrac.

Objective: Upgrade to a complete cloud system with minimal down time

With a big client base and in a highly regulated industry, CCA Financial Planning was at the end of their tether with a sluggish server. It was slowing productivity and causing staff frustration due to down time.

The firm had known for years that they wanted to move to the cloud. They had to wait for financial planning industry software to catch up so they could seamlessly move all of their systems at once.

“Our internal server had reached capacity,” explained Zafar Karim, CCA Financial Planning Practice Manager. “We needed to upgrade the systems. Also, we’re a growing business so the system needed to be scalable, to cope with adding new staff as needed.”

“We had already made the decision to move to the cloud. Retrac helped find the solution right for us. We compared with other providers but none could provide the service we wanted.”

– Zafar Karim, CCA Financial Planning Practice Manager

A robust, agile and quality solution

It was absolutely crucial that CCA Financial Planning could keep their infrastructure running while they transitioned to Microsoft Azure. So the planning and implantation stages had to be thorough.

“Two people from Retrac came in and assisted with the whole transition,” said Zafar Karim. “They came in a few days on and off each week over a 6 month period and built the infrastructure to move our programs over to the new system.”

Once the infrastructure was built, the next important step was the actual transition. This needed to happen in as seamless and smooth a way as possible.

“The transition was quick and easy,” said Zafar Karim. “They came in one weekend – staff left on Friday night and when they came back morning Monday it was done. We had upgraded to Office 365.”

“Retrac showed us the system was going to be robust. It allowed us to grow without investing heavily in infrastructure. As we grew we would be able to pay for the resources rather than pay for anticipated growth that might never happen.”

Zafar Karim, CCA Financial Planning Practice Manager  

A more productive, efficient and happier workplace

The positive impact on efficiency was perhaps expected. What was an even better surprise was how much the transition boosted staff morale and performance due to the multiple benefits delivered including:

A system that can keep up: The cloud-based solution is robust and free from issues. We run a fast paced practice,” observed Zafar Karim. “We need things to run quickly. The system we have allows us to do that now.”

Zero down-time: Prior to the new system, staff experienced up to one hour each day when they were unable to do their work properly. Now, any problems are swiftly solved by Retrac and there is no down-time.

Increased productivity: The young, IT savvy team has embraced the change. “Staff can actually do their work,” said Zafar Karim. “A system that properly supports them gives people the confidence to win more deals and get more clients through the door.”

Improved morale: When the old system would crash, staff still had to try and service customers which often meant late nights and stressful workloads. That is no longer an issue. “If we do reach our capacity they can upgrade us instantly – quick and fast allowing us to keep operating at a high and engaged speed.”

A secure system: Meeting industry requirements was an absolute must when it came to security of information. The cloud solution has provided complete peace of mind. A secure system, secure data, and quick and seamless on-time migration with no loss of data or other issues.

“I like Retrac because they provide high quality low cost for the long term. They work hard for you, they are flexible to changing needs and requirements and we aren’t locked in to horrendous contracts. Resilient, robust, non-binding, non-contractual – flexible enough to change as and when we need to change.”

Christopher Cachia, Senior Financial Planner, Director – Chief Executive Officer, Business Principal, CCA Financial Planning

Words of advice

Upgrade and don’t delay is the resounding message from CCA Financial Planning, adding that trust and confidence are the crucial underpinnings of any IT partnership.

“Retrac has looked after us for a very long time,” said Zafar Karim. “Together we have built a very solid and strong relationship. Retrac knows our requirements and understands our business, we knew they would have the solution we need and that they always have our best interests at heart.”

Future directions

The next stage for CCA Financial Planning is to upgrade their filing system. Retrac is providing advice and support that Zafar Karim and his team know they can rely on.

“Retrac is amazing! We absolutely love their service. One of the staff comes in once a week to check everything is working properly. It’s great to have such a dedicated point of contact.”

Zafar Karim, CCA Financial Planning Practice Manager

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