IT solutions for Professional Services

Are you a legal, accounting or financial planning business wondering if your IT systems are secure and enabling your team to work at their optimum? At Retrac, we offer tailored IT solutions for professional services businesses that are designed to give you piece of mind that your IT is protecting your data and supporting your business, not hindering it.

Is your client data safe?

For professional services businesses, the ongoing challenge lies in keeping sensitive client information safe. The sector is one of the hardest hit by data breaches, leading to severe financial losses and reputation damage if cybersecurity measures aren’t given top priority.

Are your work processes being optimised?

Being unable to automate repetitive processes, streamline tasks, access comprehensive reporting and seamlessly integrate numerous software solutions are common challenges for the professional services industry and can result in a constant drain on valuable time and resources.

Do you have the right IT strategy to scale and grow your business?

Finding the right solutions that position your business to scale and grow is a critical challenge. Outdated hardware, unoptimised applications and a lag in embracing cloud technology can hinder performance and productivity.

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We've helped numerous professional services firms achieve their IT goals



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Retrac providing IT Solutions for Professional Services

Retrac offers businesses across Australia, comprehensive cloud computing services and IT support, catering to their individual needs and requirements.

device management

Retrac makes it simple to source, deploy and manage devices including laptops and mobile phones – from portable and BYOD through to high-end, you can easily join all devices to your environment for optimised workflow.

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automate processes through power apps

We’ll assess your business operations and work with you to see how processes can be automated, saving your staff time and money.

reliable IT support

We’re a trusted IT support services provider across Melbourne, regional Victoria, and wider Australia, delivering comprehensive monitoring, guidance on IT infrastructure and IT support using reputable user-friendly solutions including Cisco, HP, and Microsoft.

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cloud setup and optimisation

Harness the full potential of cloud technology, ensuring seamless collaboration, enhanced data security, scalable IT infrastructure and the minimisation of cloud running costs.

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Security strategies using Essential 8 frameworks

We offer comprehensive security bundles that safeguard your valuable data using Government approved cyber frameworks and provide your business with advanced protection from cyber threats.

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fast streamlined reporting through power BI

Leverage business data from multiple applications through Power BI reporting dashboards and make decisions based on real time data.


With 15 years of experience, Retrac is an expert IT support services provider who tailors IT solutions to the unique needs of professional services firms.

We begin by deeply understanding your workflow, identifying key applications, and assessing your security needs. We recommend process enhancements, create a phased cloud migration plan, conduct rigorous testing, ensure you have a cyber security plan and provide ongoing support to optimise your IT infrastructure for ongoing security and efficiency.

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